10364NAT – Certificate III in Spoken and Written English

Course Description

As of the 1st of March 2018, we will not be accepting enrolments from overseas students for the following courses:
  • 10363 NAT – Certificate II in Spoken and Written English
  • 10364 NAT – Certificate III in Spoken and Written English
  • 10365 NAT – Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English (Further Studies)

The 10364NAT – Certificate III in Spoken and Written English qualification is an intermediate course for learners who have developed a survival level of English, literacy, or numeracy skills and who have had some formal or informal exposure to English.

Course Duration/Mode/Fees

Full time: Total: 26 weeks (22 study weeks +4 weeks break) (6 months) - 2 Terms
Tuition Fees: 2 x AUD$2,015.00 Total AUD$4,030.00
Application Fees: AUD$ 250.00 (applicable on new enrolments only, once off fee)
Resources Fee: AUD$ 200.00

The delivery methods for this course include

  • Face-to-face classroom-based learning.
  • Structured learning activities
  • Online (Not more than 33% of the course)

Entry Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or over
  • IELTS 4.0 overall (or equivalent) -English Placement test available
  • Through diagnostic screening assessment tasks using assessment tools relevant to particular programs


Forthnightly intakes available. Please Contact us for more details.

Course Content

SWELRN301AAdvanced learning strategies
SWECON302AComprehending and participating in casual conversations
SWEEXC303AComprehending and negotiating complex exchanges
SWEPRE305AComprehending and conducting presentations
SWEDIS306AComprehending and participating in discussions
SWEINF308AComprehending and composing complex information texts
SWEVIS312AComprehending and composing visual texts
SWEEXP311AComprehending and composing expositions
SWEJOB315ALanguage skills for job seeking


All units of competence will be assessed using a selection of tools (Portfolios, Reports, Role-plays, Practical observations, Case studies, Questioning, Simulation activities, and written tests)

Recognition of Prior Learning

An application can be made for RPL when the learner believes that they have already attained the necessary skills and competencies elsewhere (Work, other study etc.). An RPL application form is available from the Learner Administration Services upon request.

Students will be required to provide documentation to support their application. The application will be processed and an assessment made in accordance with the KCBT RPL and AQF recognition Policy and Procedure.

Credit Transfer

Learners, who can demonstrate they already hold any of the Units of Competency specified above, may be eligible to receive a credit transfer for those units. They will need to submit a verified Certificate or Statement of Attainment issued by a RTO for recognition purposes.

Learners who are awarded a credit transfer will be exempted from completing those units at KCBT

Study Pathway and Career Opportunities

Pathways into the qualification:

110364NAT - Certificate III in Spoken and Written English prepares learners for entry into 10365NAT - Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Further Studies or 10366NAT - Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Employment.

  • CSWE provides underpinning language and literacy skills that can be applied to entry into vocational and further study pathways.
  • Pathways from this Qualification

    Exit Points
    • Should a learner not be able to complete all the Units of Competency required to be awarded this qualification they will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the individual Units for which they have been assessed as competent.
    • Upon successful completion of the full program.
    KCBT policy prevents students under the age of 18 from registering in KCBT courses or programs.

    Apply online and open up a world of opportunities.