10433NAT – Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Course Description

Qualifications in Christian Ministry & Theology are fully competency based and while knowledge and some aspects of competency are assessed within the realms of each subject, completion of a ministry project demonstrating all areas of competency will need to be completed to graduate.

The student will obtain practical experience by undertaking various field activities including a cross cultural mission trip and placements at their local church, with a Christian ministry or community service organisation. This practical experience is to be gained in an area that complements the assessment project and the immediate goals of the student.

Delivered in Korean language only.

Employment Opportunity:

  • Minister / Pastor
  • Pastoral Worker
  • Specialist Pastor (e.g. Youth, Family, Single, Divorced etc)
  • Missionary Worker

Particular pathways are as follows:

Christian Ministry:

  • CHC42315 Certificate IV in Pastoral Care (Future course)
  • 10434NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology
  • 10435NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Community services:

  • CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services (other streams)
  • CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services (various streams)

Course Duration/Mode/Fees

Full time: 52 weeks (38 study weeks + 2 weeks of Orienation+ 1 week re-assessment +11 weeks break) (1 year) - 4 Terms
Tuition Fees: 4 x AUD$1,750.00 Total AUD$7,000.00
Application Fees: AUD$ 250.00 (applicable on new enrolments only, once off fee)
Resources Fee: AUD$ 200.00

Entry Requirements

Australian year 11 or equivalent. IELTS 5.0 overall or equivalent. There is an exception to IELTS require Korean study only

Course Content

CMTTHE401ADiscusses the nature of bible and present day christian life and practice
CMTTHE402AInterprets theological data
CMTTHE403AInvestigates information within a theological theme or issue
CMTTHE404AGains new personal revelation
CMTMIN401AExplores ideas about god in relation to the way we live as christians
CMTMIN402ACommunicates theological information
CHCCOM002Develop and implement community program
CHCCDE009Develop and support community leadership
CHCCOM002Use Communication to build relationships