Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology – Perth

Course Description

The Diploma of Christian Ministry & Theology is fully competency based and while knowledge and some aspects of competency are assessed within the realms of each subject, completion of ministry projects demonstrating all areas of competency will need to be completed to graduate.

The student will obtain practical experience by undertaking field placements at their local church, Christian ministry or community service organisation. This practical experience is to be gained in an area that complements in class assessment and the immediate goals of the student.

Employment Opportunity:

  • Minister / pastor
  • Pastoral Worker
  • Specialist Pastor (e.g. Youth, Family, Single, Divorced etc)
  • Missionary Worker

Particular pathways are as follows:

Christian Ministry:

  • Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology
  • Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Course Duration/Mode/Fees

Full time: Total: 78 weeks (64 study weeks +14 weeks break) (1.5 year) - 6 Terms

Entry Requirements

Australian year 11 or equivalent. IELTS 5.0 overall or equivalent. If students do not have satisfactory English skills Keystone College of Business & Technology has English Language courses available the students to reach the required entry level. There is exception to IELTS require Korean study only. There are no formal education requirements for enrolment in the lower level Certificate programs. However, students who have not attained this level of formal education may be considered for enrolment. In particular this requirement would be waived for mature age students.

Course Content

CMTTHE501AAnalyses and interprets theological beliefs in the light of current thinkingMission and Evangelism
CMTTHE502AAnalyses and interprets theological dataInterpreting Scripture
CMTTHE503AResearches and analyses information within a theological thesis or issueBiblical God
CMTTHE504AIdentifies new theological informationPastoral Care
CMTMIN501ARelates theological ideas to the Christian way of life.Church Management
CMTMIN502ACommunicates theological in a clear formPractical Theology
CHCCOM003Develop workplace communication strategiesChurch Administrative Work
CHCCCS016Respond to client needsInterpersonal Communication
BSBMGT605Provide leadership across the organisationServant ship and Leadership
BSBLED806Plan and implement a coaching strategyDealing with Conflict