Agent Recruitment and Performance Management Policy

1. Purpose

This document sets out the KCBT’s policy in relation to the recruitment, management and termination of International Education Agents  in accordance with the ESOS National Cod

2. Definition

This policy/procedure aims to ensure that the actions of its appointed International Education Agents are ethical and comply with KCBT rules.

3. Responsible Parties

Director of Marketing

4. Agent Selection Process

In order to maintain the integrity of the Agent-Institution relationship, Agents will be carefully selected by KCBT in key regions.

Agents are sourced through a variety of ways:
1. Networking by the staff members of KCBT
2. Advertisements in relevant regions
3. Referrals by other agents and affiliated groups
4. Cold-calling by KCBT staff to a selection of contacts
5. Online enquiries via KCBT’s website

The Selection Process:
1. Candidates will be sent an Agent Pack – Promotional Material, containing information about KCBT, as well as an Agent Questionnaire (agent application form online) for the agent to complete.
2. If there are any queries, the Candidate will be contacted by the Marketing Team.

The criteria that we will use for the selection of key agents will be:
o Ability to abide by our Mission, Values and Culture.
o Ability to send students to KCBT. Each key agent will be required to send a significant proportion of their total student intakes to KCBT.
o Ability to maintain core infrastructure in their country of operation. Agents must have the facilities available for the recruitment of students in their country of operation.
o Ethics: Agents must be able to operate ethically. The referees referred to by Candidates will be contacted, and basic industry research will be performed in order to examine the ethical background of our potential Agents.

3. If successful, the Candidate will be contacted and sent a copy of the Standard Agent Agreement, with our terms and conditions.

5. Agent Induction Process

1. When the agent submits a signed agent’s agreement to KCBT, it is signed by appropriate members of KCBT’s staff. A copy of the agreement is sent to the agent, with the original being retained by KCBT.

2. Induction Training Session
The agent is then either called, or visited, by KCBT’s Director of Marketing. This initial call or visit will serve as an initial training session for the agent, to provide them with information on KCBT’s courses.

Covered in this initial session will be:
o The mission, values and culture of KCBT
o The Courses available at KCBT.
o Information about our Enrolment process, including placement testing procedures
o Information about our terms and conditions, and procedures in case of a refund
o Information about our agent remuneration process

3. A selection of our marketing material will then be sent to the agent. The amount sent will be dependent on the agent. This will include:
o Our presentation packs, with information aimed at students

Follow up visits/calls will be made at least every 3 months, in order to maintain the relationship between the College and the Agent, and to ensure that they understand and follow relevant procedures. These visits also serve as opportunities to inform Agents about new courses and procedures relating to them


6. Reporting to ASQA

Keystone College of Business and technology will provide the following information to ASQA in regards to agent recruitment:

  • Agency Name
  • Date of signed agreement
  • Length of agreement


Date of report:
Period of report:
Report prepared by:
Name of Agent
Number of students provided by agent in the period
Number of students provided by agent who have been reported to DIAC in the period
Actions taken in relation to agent resulting from student survey responses
Overall student satisfaction with agent
Responsiveness of agent to communication from Institute.
Areas of improvement required of Agent
Signature of person preparing report
Follow up action
Comment from Director of Marketing
Advice from CEO

Reporting to ASQA

Checklist for reporting to ASQA

Agency Name
Signed a written Agreement (Insert Date)
Length of the agreement
Agreement current or expired (Insert expiry date, if agreement if expired)
Update provided to ASQA (Insert date of update provided)