Agent Recruitment and Performance Management Policy

1. Purpose

This policy and related procedure in accordance with the ESOS National Code relates to the managing and monitoring of Agents performance engaged by KCBT.

2. Scope

This policy/procedure applies to all international student operations of the KCBT.

3. Responsible Parties

CEO and Marketing Manager are responsible for this procedure.

4. Procedure

The procedure for the Keystone College of Business and Technology will ensure that all its Agents operate ethically, in the best interest of the college and in accordance with the requirements of the ESOS National Code. The procedure includes the following:

4.1 Selection of Agents
4.2 Agents Contracts
4.3 Communication with Agents
4.4 Performance review
4.1 Selection of Agents

Whenever an Agent approaches Keystone College of Business and Technology to provide recruitment services or the college expresses interest in an Agent providing recruitment services; each Agent will be asked to complete and sign an application form. This form will request information that includes, but is not limited to, the following

  • Business details including
  • Business name
  • Name of contact person
  • Postal, email, website and telephone/fax contacts
  • Primary countries of operation
  • Membership of Professional Associations

On receiving the application Marketing Manager will establish an Agents file (either hard copy or electronic or both) and will verify all the details are correct. If all outcomes of the initial checks are favourable the Agent will be offered a contract.

4.2 Agents Contracts

All Agents engaged by Keystone College of Business and Technology to provide recruitment services will be asked to enter into a signed agreement (contract) with the college. This contract will specify the requirements and undertakings of both parties consistent with the requirements of the National Code and ESOS Act.

The contract will be signed by both parties and a copy maintained on the Agent’s file.

Communication with Agents

On going and open communication with Agents is regarded by Keystone College of Business and Technology as a critical part of the successful operation of the college.

The Marketing Manager is responsible for such communication and will take every opportunity both in Australia and overseas, to ensure that there is regular and ongoing communication with agents. The Marketing Manager will ensure that all communications with agents; email, telephone, in writing will be logged or otherwise maintained on the Agents file.

4.4 Performance review

Once each year at a time set to coincide with the end date for an Agents contract the Marketing Manager will prepare a report. The report (sample attached) based on an analysis of the agents file and student survey results will include, but not be limited to;

  • Number of students provided by Agent
  • Number of students provided by Agent who have been reported to DIAC
  • Comment on student satisfaction
  • Comment on responsiveness of Agents to communications with marketing manager.
  • Areas of improvement required of Agent.

On the basis this report the CEO on the advice of the Marketing Manager will extend or terminate the Agents contract with the Institute. As part of extending the contract the Marketing manager will ensure that all agent details held on file are accurate and up to date.

4.5 Reporting to ASQA

Keystone College of Business and technology will provide the following information to ASQA in regards to agent recruitment (sample on page number 4):

  • Agency Name
  • Date of signed agreement
  • Length of agreement


Date of report:
Period of report:
Report prepared by:
Name of Agent
Number of students provided by agent in the period
Number of students provided by agent who have been reported to DIAC in the period
Actions taken in relation to agent resulting from student survey responses
Overall student satisfaction with agent
Responsiveness of agent to communication from Institute.
Areas of improvement required of Agent
Signature of person preparing report
Follow up action
Comment from Marketing Manager
Advice from CEO

Reporting to ASQA

Checklist for reporting to ASQA

Agency Name
Signed a written Agreement(Insert Date)
Length of the agreement
Agreement current or expired(Insert expiry date, if agreement if expired)
Update provided to ASQA(Insert date of update provided)