Diplomas & Degrees to Study in 2016

September 2, 2016

Diplomas & Degrees to Study in 2016

KCBT-Diplomas-to-studyAdvance you career in 2016

So you feel like it’s time to take your career to new heights. You don’t want to move sideways, and you certainly don’t want to move backwards, so it’s obviously time to move ahead. But how? Well, there are several new courses you could take to either move in a completely new direction or to improve on your current skillset.

2016 has proved to the year of new beginnings and many people of all ages have gone back to the books, in order to boost their careers. If you’re one of the perpetual students, here are several courses that are popular degrees and diplomas for 2016.

Leadership & management

Gone are the days of bosses standing over people and barking orders. The world has moved forward and the new age calls for solid leadership and management that incorporates excellent people skills combined with good business sense. It’s a given that good leaders bring out the best in their teams as a means to best serve their business and clients. Learn the knowledge and practical skills to manage teams in various enterprises.

Ministry & theology

A qualification in theology will set you on an entirely new path. This diploma prepares you for field placements by your local church. It teaches you how to work in a community organisation that is focused on ministerial/pastoral and missionary work. Studied by many who want to build on their missionary work outside of their current careers, this course also helps you identify theological information, analyse and interpret scriptures and helps you to be able to manage a church.

These are just a few of the exciting careers that are being taken up in 2016, with many students either looking for a new path in life or for those who want to add to their life experience and skillsets. The world is as big as you want it to be and with the right college behind you, it’s a given that you’re off to a great start. Keystone College focuses on business and technology advancement and has students from various international communities amongst their current student pool, and past graduates.

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